Master's Message March 2022


February was indeed a very busy month for the officers of Adelphoi.We conducted the Fellowcraft degree on our candidate and it went very, very well. We've also now traveled to each of the lodges in the East Bay to attend various annuals and District deputy grand Master visitations. Our attendance at these functions has been noticed and is appreciated.

At the March meeting we're going to concentrate on work that matters here at home; our bylaws. Some time ago a committee was formed to document and clarify our bylaws. It was a great deal of work but now the document is ready for review. At the meeting this month we plan to review and discuss the bylaws in open lodge so that they can be finalized and voted on in the near future. I recommend that all members who are able toattend do so.

By now it must be clear to all that the officers of Adelphoi Lodge are working very hard in the pursuit of their responsibilities but it should be known that we do need assistance from the membership. Some of the officer chairs are being staffed by past masters and we are still in need of filling others. Adelphoi #33 is widely known as a lodge with great participation and spirit but at this time our sidelines are still not back to normal. Please consider returning to lodge and even offering to help with the meetings and the upcoming Master Mason degree, if you're able. I know there's a lot of talent and experience out there and the opportunity to help the lodge is now. See you soon,

Bill Gervais
Presiding Master

Adelphoi Masonic Lodge #33

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