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Our meeting last month, held jointly with St Paul's Lodge #14 in Middletown, was a lot of fun. In addition to being the final East Bay visitation for RW Gil Fontes, the WM of St Paul's entertained us with a program. WM O'Hara displayed and demonstrated part of his collection of antique Victrola phonographs and some wax musical cylinders with masonic origins. W. O'Hara possesses one of the largest collections anywhere. Where else but in masonry could anyone hope to witness a demonstration of such fragile works except at a museum.

Back at home this month all members present will vote on the bylaws which have been in review since March. If accepted by the Adelphoi members they will be submitted to Grand Lodge for review/approval. Later in the month, we will be conferring the MM degree on our candidate. This will be a special meeting held on June 28th for the degree only.

As you can see there is much work to be done before the lodge takes its usual summer break. As the second half of our masonic year begins the officers of Adelphoi #33 will be relying on greater support and participation from the membership. We not only need you to come to the lodge to support the officers and candidates but we also need help running charities, events, and sharing programs before the lodge. I look forward to your commitment to participate, hearing your ideas, and seeing you at our meetings.

Fraternally yours,

Bill Gervais
Presiding Master

Adelphoi #33 Masonic Lodge

On March 19, 1896 the Masonic Temple on Dorrance Street was completely destroyed by fire. The various bodies of Freemasonry in Providence with the exception of Adelphoi were without a home and Brother Henry A. Kirby as Master of Adelphoi extended the hospitality of Adelphoi Lodge rooms to all homeless Masonic bodies until such time as temporary quarters could be made available elsewhere.

Adelphoi donating reader glasses and sunglasses

Adelphoi Glasses DonationAdelphoi Lodge #33 is donating reader spec glasses and sunglasses in various strengths to the public. These glasses cannot be resold so each pair is labeled with the sticker shown. We would like for every lodge and any customer facing business to accept a box and refills. Please give them away freely as our goal is to help as many people as possible.
Contact EDWARD KDONIAN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any Adelphoi officer to arrange to collect a box for your business or organization.

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