Master's Monthly Message

Fellow Adelphoi Brethren,

Apologies for the long message but I'm excited to be communicating with you again so please read to the end.

The summer break is nearly over and soon we'll be back in the lodge together. While we may have not have held meetings since our special MM degree on June 28, that doesn't mean that our officers haven't been working on spreading the word about our lodge and freemasonry all summer. I'm downright proud to tell you that Adelphoi #33 officers have given away almost 2,000 pairs of reader spec eyeglasses all over Rhode Island and states nearby SO FAR with many more cases still yet to be distributed. These glasses are available at barber shops, pizza restaurants, senior centers, libraries, office cafeterias, nursing homes, hospitals... anyplace people visit. If you have an opportunity to present these display boxes full of assorted strength reader eyeglasses someplace please contact myself or any Adelphoi officer and we will get them right to you. We have a unique opportunity to help many, many people with these eyeglasses and we're all very excited to provide that help to anyone who desires it. It also helps people to know that Adelphoi Lodge #33 is actively working to improve lives through charity. I'm looking forward to our stated meeting at 7:00 on September 6. Besides the joy of reconnecting with Brothers, there will also be a program called Introduction to Rhode Island

Rusty Apron, Freemasonry Flashback, Craft Comeback... whatever you call it, it's happening at our November 1st stated communication. A friendly refresher of the freemasonry basics and lodge protocols revisited and explained. If a Brother from any lodge hasn't been to the lodge in a while or is feeling unsure because they don't remember all they learned or it was never explained clearly then this is exactly the program we all need.

I believe these programs have great value and are so much more fun with full sidelines so please plan to attend and bring another Brother with you. I really look forward to seeing you there.

Fraternally yours,

Bill Gervais
Presiding Master

Adelphoi #33 Masonic Lodge

On March 19, 1896 the Masonic Temple on Dorrance Street was completely destroyed by fire. The various bodies of Freemasonry in Providence with the exception of Adelphoi were without a home and Brother Henry A. Kirby as Master of Adelphoi extended the hospitality of Adelphoi Lodge rooms to all homeless Masonic bodies until such time as temporary quarters could be made available elsewhere.

Adelphoi donating reader glasses and sunglasses

Adelphoi Glasses DonationAdelphoi Lodge #33 is donating reader spec glasses and sunglasses in various strengths to the public. These glasses cannot be resold so each pair is labeled with the sticker shown. We would like for every lodge and any customer facing business to accept a box and refills. Please give them away freely as our goal is to help as many people as possible.
Contact EDWARD KDONIAN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any Adelphoi officer to arrange to collect a box for your business or organization.

Adelphoi Masonic Lodge #33

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