Master's Message January 2022

From the East

Hello Brethren,

I guess this is my final letter to you as Master of the lodge. I'd like to start off by saying thank you to all of you who helped me through quite a wild year. Our Annual is fast approaching and the year has drawn to a close. There’s this fulfillment knowing that I tried my best.

The last meeting we had an amazing time. It was light, fun, and enjoyable. It was just all around a good time. We got to go out to eat for the first time in a long time and Brother Senior Warden and Myself were discussing how feasible it was to continue going out to eat.

Just in case the word hasn’t traveled around as fast as I expected it to. I am running for the position of Secretary in the upcoming year. If you would be so obliged to have me that is. If you do vote me in I look forward to serving you all as your Secretary.

Well that's all folks. I hope you all have had an amazing holiday season and a happy New Year.

Worshipful Master
James M McCarthy Jr.

From the West


It has been a sincere honor and privilege to serve Adelphoi Lodge #33 as your Senior Warden. I am looking forward to next year when, with your support, I hope to be able to serve the Lodge as Master.
Building on the successes of past masters, my emphasis over the next year will be to encourage Adelphoi members to return to regular lodge attendance and ask that they bring along their masonic friends as visitors and prospective affiliate members. Adelphoi #33 is a great lodge with a long history of brotherhood and charitable acts. Let's work together this year to remain a positive example of freemasonry for all in the East Bay.

Thank you to all the brethren and to our strong line of officers for your continued support.

Fraternally yours,

Bill Gervais
Sr. Warden

Adelphoi Masonic Lodge #33

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