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Master's Message July 2021

Hello Brethren,

I would like to thank everyone that came to the June meeting.  We had some ideas bouncing around on how to get the members that haven't been attending back to the lodge. I know the past year has been tough with COVID restrictions and many of the brothers being concerned about being out in public.  There’s good news though. The lodge is back to regular business, if you are vaccinated you do not need a mask and the sidelines are no longer restricted to just a handful of members. This being said, we would love to have everyone attend our EA degree on July 20th.  Lodge starts at 6:00 pm and we will be holding a dinner in the lodge. We have A/C so there’s no need to worry about the heat.  I would love to see a great turnout and give our candidates an amazing experience.  The officers have been working tirelessly every week with rehearsals. So come out and show your support, come see all their hard work put into action.

We will be at recess or dark until September.  If you get that itch to see your brothers sooner I have a fun activity to tell you.  Grand Lodge is holding a picnic on August 8th from Noon to 5 pm.  There will be food and a good time. Just in case that hasn't interested you yet, I've heard there will be an adult bounce house.  How cool is that?  I would like to see you guys out there enjoying the picnic, and especially the bounce house, I know I will.

I'm looking for ideas for programs.  Something interesting.  Something to get everyone back together.  If anyone has any ideas for programs please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I would love to hear what ideas you guys have.

That's all for me this time.  But before I go I would like you all to think about this question. "What made you want to become a Mason?"  We'll talk about this during the September meeting so think about it over the next month. Take care Gentlemen and stay safe.

Worshipful Master
James M McCarthy Jr.