Master's Message January 2014

From The South
My brothers,
this weekend made me realize how
fortunate I am having a great wife, kids, family and
friends! It started while out on a Friday night with my
wife. We were at a local restaurant that we usually go
to. While wishing the owner and staff a safe and happy
holiday, one of the employees told us a story of a family
that had just lost everything they had in a house fire this
past week. I felt awful thinking they really had nothing
this time of year. On Saturday morning I met some of
our brothers and family members to make up the food
baskets, the whole time thinking of that family and
knowing that I couldn't even give them a basket seeing I
already had mine obligated to another family in need.
Two of our brothers had work and family obligations
that morning and couldn

t make it to the basket making,
so I offered to bring the baskets to them. I called them
both to inform them that I had them and would drop
them off and one of the brothers asked me if I knew
someone in need seeing the person he intended on
giving it to had received one already. Yes I do! I called
the restaurant employee to see if I could possibly get an
address on the family of the house fire. I got the
address and drove to Tiverton where the family has
temporary housing in a trailer. The reaction I got wasn't
what I expected. The women dropped to her knees and
started crying all I could say was I hope this helps and
Merry Christmas. She hugged me and gave me a kiss.
Driving home I felt how lucky I was to have my family
in good health and having my closest friends in this
fraternity by my side. Let us all stop for a minute and
note what we should be thankful for and how we can
make a difference in someone's life. It can be
something as little as making a phone call, not a text or
email, to see how someone is doing or if they need
anything. So to all my brothers I thank you for your
friendship, guidance and camaraderie. May you all have
a safe and happy holiday! Thank You All!


Brother John
Junior Warden

Adelphoi Masonic Lodge #33

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