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Master's Message March 2014


At our February meeting, we had over 30 members in attendance. I was very
proud of our line officers. They all did a great job especially since it was the first
time in their new positions.

The RW Glen Carlson, District Deputy and his Master of Ceremonies W Scott Al-
ger and his suite of officers from the East Bay District will make an official visit
to Adelphoi Lodge #33 at our March 4th meeting. I am asking the Brethren from
Adelphoi to try and be present to show the District Deputy that Adelphoi is alive
and well. The Past Masters of Adelphoi will escort the Deputy and his suite. The
Chairperson that evening will be W Mars J. Bishop. I would appreciate it if every
Past Master of Adelphoi made an effort to be present. We will open our meeting
at 5:30 pm and conduct our normal business. We will then take a recess for din-
ner at 6:30 pm in the lower level of the lodge building and receive the District
Deputy at 7:15 pm. Please call our Senior Steward Brother Pat Paolo with your
dinner reservation.

The speaker for the evening will be Jacquelyn Rogers from the Rhode Island
Children’s Dyslexia Center. For those of you that are not familiar with the center,
we are supporting over 30 students with reading disabilities this year. Thanks to
our fundraising efforts, there is no cost for the students. It is very touching to hear
when a child has completed the course and can now read with confidence. It will
be an enjoyable evening hearing about the children’s accomplishments.
Our Senior Warden John DeOliveira has booked the following events: Adelphoi
Fishing Trip, Saturday, July 12, 2014, Walter Burkhardt Memorial Golf Tourna-
ment, Saturday, August 23, 2014, and Adelphoi Game Dinner, Saturday, October
18, 2014. Brethren, I hope you will support these events. Tickets are available
from John or myself. I look forward to seeing you at our March 4th meeting.

John Takian
Presiding Master