Master's Message October 2015

Greetings Brethren,

With fall quickly approaching, it's a reminder of how fast this year is coming to an end.  But while we still have another 3 months left, let's enjoy them to the fullest!  Every month we open and close lodge, it gives me a warm feeling to be a part of such a great fraternity.  Not only because of our lodge and members, but also due to the Brethren I've met along my travels.  It doesn't matter if we only see each other once or twice a year, the comradery is always there.  Last Month we had the pleasure of traveling to our sister lodge, Star of Bethlehem, in Wakefield MA, for their Semi public installation of Officer’s.  It is so inspiring to observe the differences and to revel in the similarities of work in other jurisdictions.  To the new Master and Officers of Star of Bethlehem Lodge, We wish you nothing but the best for your terms of office, and Thank You for the Hoispitality and Brotherly Love displayed on our visit.  I look forward to hopefully making another trip up before we end our year with a few more members that were unable to attend on this trip and that were also truly missed! 

It was a pleasure on being able to make our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Raymond E. Hassell’s visitation to Collegium Liminosum Lodge held at Fort Adams. The weather couldn't have been any better!  We then headed over to St. Johns 1N for a terrific BBQ followed by a nice cigar and good company on the way home!  Times like these puts in perspective why and what it means to be a ma-son.  This is why I'd like to ask for your support on volunteering for our open house on Saturday October 17th 10am-4pm at St Andrews lodge. Please contact me if you can help out in any way whether it's greeting guests at the door or helping out with refreshments. Please call me on my cell 401-369-4357. And please leave me a message if you get my voicemail!    We will hold a special communication to confer the Master Mason Degree on Tuesday November 10th. I  look forward to seeing you at our regular communication on October 6th at 6pm. Don't forget to call in your reservation and if you are bringing a guest don't forget to include them. One thing I thing I'd also like to ad is that we had to move our Septembers meeting to the Grand Lodge building at a last minute notice because of an unforeseen matter at our lodge building.  Which went off without missing a beat! Not to mention a visit from our R:.W:. Gary Kaufman, the District Deputy Grand Master for the East Bay District as well as his  Grand Master of Ceremonies Mark Eddleston. 

I'll end this notice with a prayer for our shut in Brethren , Special Ladies and the men and women who served, and continue to serve and protect our county!

May God be with you!

Adelphoi Masonic Lodge #33

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