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Master's Message October 2020


My apologies for not attending the last meeting I didn't think of packing my tuxedo or a collared shirt when I was packing to go away and I wasn't allowed to conduct a meeting with out it, my bad. So moving forward, I would like to know if the member- ship is willing to have an in house meeting with all the precau- tions that we have to follow and we still can't have a meal in lodge. I will not give my opinion so as not to sway anyone. We have not been idle, the investment committee has met with our investment management company and will work on getting that back on track. Of course we are not spending money so that helps a great deal as long as we have a commitment by future officers keep that commitment. By the time you receive this no- tice I hope we have had an opportunity to have a rap session on zoom just to chat if we can put it together.Until we meet again on the level brothers stay safe, stay well.

Yours in the Craft,

Pat Paolo,

Worshipful Master