Master's Message May 2015

Greetings Brethren .

I'd like to bring everyone up to date on last months Calendar of events. First, Congratulations to our 5 newest candidates that are well on their way to the MM Degree! A fine job on preparing them W:. Dean Monsees and W:. Ron Wilkinson . Thank you to the line officers and PMs for a great job! We were surprised and honored to have been visited by our DDGM Kenneth Poyton! Remember it's our job to make sure we give the candidates great Degree work, especially when we have sons and nephews as our newest masons coming through. For that I'm very thankful, and honored, to have such great Brethren by my side. Also we attended a presentation on “Spies in the Revolutionary Rhode Island” by author Christian M. McBurney at St Johns in Ports-mouth. Thank you to our J.W. Milton Kaiser, and the other JWs in the East Bay District, for the great job of putting it together! We attended the visitation at St. Johns Lodge #1P to see DDGM Glen Carlson on his last visitation before his Grand Council travels! It was also nice to see a good representation from the Brethren from Adelphoi who attended our MWGM Chip Halstrom’s testimonial Dinner. Which brings me to May 5th’s meeting . We will open lodge at 5pm, close and have dinner in order to visit our Brothers at St. Paul’s Lodge in Middletown for their DDGM Visitation . It would mean a great deal to have a good group of us to make an appearance . Our Strawberry Festival Dinner Dance will be held on May 29th at Agawam Hunt Country Club. Last, but most im-portantly, is our Grand Lodge Annual on May 18th. We look forward to working with the one and only Raymond E. Hassel, who is doing much better after his back surgery. I think I covered everything. May you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! I now leave you with these words! To often in Freemasonry we forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget.

John DeOliveira
Presiding Master

Adelphoi Masonic Lodge #33

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