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Masters Message Nov 2012

Greetings Brethren,

This month marks an important election to decide the future of our country.  Do we continue down the road to ruin as we have been, or, do we make the hard changes necessary to regain the prosperity which has been stolen from our children and grandchildren.  If you have to make a choice between coming to Lodge or performing your civic duty by voting, I urge you to participate in the election process and go to vote.  I have had the dinner location posted in the notice so that if you have to make the choice, you may still vote, and then join your Brethren to fellowship.  I for one will be doing both.  Please call your Senior Steward, Place your reservation , and then join us for dinner.

I look forward to seeing you in or out of the Lodge.


Edward B. Kdonian
Presiding Master

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From The Secretary

A regular Communication of Adelphoi Lodge No.33 will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at St. Andrew’s Temple, 18 Turner Ave., East Providence, RI. The lodge will open at 7:00pm for the transaction of such business as shall regularly come before it.

Dinner will be held prior to the meeting. Reservations for dinner are required and may be made by calling Brother Senior Steward at 401-437-8087. When calling, please provide your full name and the name(s) of any guests you may have.

Please note reservations are due, No Later Than, Thursday, October 31, to allow our Senior Stew-ard, Bro. Mike Alienello, adequate time to make the necessary arrangements.


Contact Info

Adelphoi Lodge #33
18 Turner Ave.
Riverside, RI 02815

Dinner Reservations - 401-270-5283
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