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Masters Message Feb 2013

Greetings Brothers:

The installation ceremony, as you could see, was a very moving moment in my life, a personal milestone and a treasure that will always be with me. It is an honor and a privilege to serve and occupy the chair that has a lineage and history that goes back thousands of years. My formal training is in architecture and the definition of an architect is “master builder” and as such, that is a cable tow for me back to our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Hiram Abif.

We have a lot on our agenda for this year so lets get to it. The first order of business for Adelphoi is to have more FUN. I have charged the Senior Steward, Bro. Chris Parella, to plan for a social event for each month. Some of these will be open to the family, and others will be members only. Our new Junior Warden and Senior Deacon have been responsible for much of this advanced planning and will continue to assist our Senior Steward as we move through the year. Thank you Brothers John and Ray.

The next order of business is new masons. If you haven’t initiated conversations with your prospects, please do so this week. This task must be taken on by each of you as a personal responsibility and commitment. 2B1ASK1 is dead and gone. Freemasonry is now pro active and there is no reason why Adelphoi cannot lead the state if we commit to this. Invite your prospect to the February dinner!

The level to which any institution functions, especially this of ours, is in direct relation to the timely and effective flow of information. We have missed members passing, funerals, special ladies passing, and other important and significant events and functions simply because information was not passed forward. Therefore, I ask every brother to immediately forward any such information of this sort to the Junior Warden by phone call or email so that we may properly honor and acknowledge those who have contributed to all of us.

There is much more to talk about for this coming year and I will resume this at our next communication. In the interim, keep in mind that all of us are caught up in the whirlwind of the daily grind and the management of life at home and other personal affairs and interests. Balance is vital to our mental and physical being, and it is so easy to get swept away by so many trivial things and unimportant demands on our time. So, as you finish reading this message, I invite you to create five personal minutes in your daily life. Be quiet, relaxed, alone and uninterrupted. Then, review your life priorities.
“Keep close all that is important, then, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away”. Make this a daily routine. May God bless you all.


Dale Euga
Presiding Master

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From The Secretary

A regular Communication of Adelphoi Lodge No.33 will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at St. Andrew’s Temple, 18 Turner Ave., East Providence, RI. The lodge will open at 7:00pm for the transaction of such business as shall regularly come before it.

Dinner will be held prior to the meeting. Reservations for dinner are required and may be made by calling Brother Senior Steward at 401-437-8087. When calling, please provide your full name and the name(s) of any guests you may have.

Please note reservations are due, No Later Than, Thursday, October 31, to allow our Senior Stew-ard, Bro. Mike Alienello, adequate time to make the necessary arrangements.


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Adelphoi Lodge #33
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Dinner Reservations - 401-270-5283
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