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Masters Message June 2013

Greetings Brothers:

This is our last meeting before going dark and I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a most splendid and enjoyable summer vacation. During this time I remind you to be alert and vigilant anywhere where crowds assemble and in eating establishments. We are at war at home.

Keep that in mind. There is an ill wind inside the craft that needs to be reassessed by ALL the Brotherhood. New applicants for the degrees, in compliance with the Grand Lodge directive, must submit to a criminal background check. I ask, "For what legitimate reason" ?? Yes, terrorist attacks have recently drawn our attention to the atrocities of the extremists. Yes, somebody inside the FBI and NSA dropped the ball regarding the Marathon bombing. That will be examined, however, the question regarding the moral character of our brothers, and those who seek to become Masons in our lodge, is based on personal sponsorship of that candidate and what we perceive of that candidate when he comes to one of our dinners. This process has been historic over the ages and inserting a background check as a new requirement and as part of any Masonic process is in suiting arid demeaning to the candidate. The process and the outfall · of any report is still left unresolved regarding the substance of the report and any actions that may, or may not be taken on the part of the Grand Lodge or the individual Lodge. Further, to be fair across the board and if this is to remain as a function of
the Masonic Brotherhood, every Mason should have to undergo the same criminal background check.

Taking a good man and making him better is the heart of Free Masonry. Good men make mistakes, learn from them, better themselves, become stronger from those experiences and in many cases become leaders in their communities. We should reconfirm our trust in our brothers by supporting their candidate recommendation and abolish this ill-conceived notion that a criminal background check will promise to make all of us safer. That is illogical and complete nonsense. A true terrorist that is intent on killing us is a master at his craft, well entrenched, has created a solid and verifiable background that would stand up to any low level background check. And here's a fact that just completely invalidates the entire CIC process; a criminal background can be completely expunged or sealed if one has the money to get that done, and it is done every day. I think that this whole idea is offensive to all of the good and law abiding citizens (men) who otherwise would have an interest in becoming a Mason. So again I ask, what is the point and benefit of this requirement?

Social unrest, secular hatred, local wars, natural disasters and economic uncertainty are constant factors that envelop all of us in these times. We as"Masons share in our hearts a moral center and a unified spirit ofbrotherhood that can prevail against any adversity. We are truly blessed with this strength that allows us to remain calm and safely anchored in that harbor (our hearts) where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary shall find rest. As the warmth/ of summer finally thaws the soles of our shoes and gets us outdoors, I remind you to be aware and keep safe until we meet again. Enjoy your summer.

Yours in the craft,

Dale Euga, Presiding Master

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From The Secretary

A regular Communication of Adelphoi Lodge No.33 will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at St. Andrew’s Temple, 18 Turner Ave., East Providence, RI. The lodge will open at 7:00pm for the transaction of such business as shall regularly come before it.

Dinner will be held prior to the meeting. Reservations for dinner are required and may be made by calling Brother Senior Steward at 401-437-8087. When calling, please provide your full name and the name(s) of any guests you may have.

Please note reservations are due, No Later Than, Thursday, October 31, to allow our Senior Stew-ard, Bro. Mike Alienello, adequate time to make the necessary arrangements.


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