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Masters Message September 2020


Here we are at the end of another summer hoping it finds all in good health. There were some things that took place with lodge business over the summer. We had an informational meeting just to see how members were handling the restrictions we had to deal with and it went well. I am planning on having another zoom meeting for September. I hope we get a much better turn outthan we have been getting. Don't forget the protocols, we will re-view themagain. So don’t forget September 1 2020 @ 7:00.

Pat Paolo,
Master of Adelphoi Lodge

From The Secretary

Per the Grand Master Kenneth Poyton, all Communication of Adelphoi Lodge No.33 will be suspended due to the Covid-19 Viruse.
Stay Healthy and Safe


Contact Info

Adelphoi Lodge #33
18 Turner Ave.
Riverside, RI 02815

Dinner Reservations - 401-270-5283
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